About Casino Newsletter

CasinoNewsletter.net was originally launched in 2002 to provide ts subscribers with casino promotions, special offers, news and bonus offers direct to thier mailbox. A unique membership subscription platform was developed to enable members to subscribe to any of thier chosen categories of interest and also enables subscribers to select or edit thier categories of interest or disable thier account at any time.

Promotional messages, bonus offers and casino news is delivered through the platform via text and html email content. With every email is a link enabling member subscribers to login to thier account through our secure one time login account service. Every time a member requires access to thier account to make any change they are required to enter thier email and use the one time access link to login.

CasinoNewsletter.net publishes a number of the latest offers from casinos on its website which can be found on the home page and the features casino bonus offers page for both members and visitors to enjoy. Members also benefit from special offers that are only available to CasinoNewsletter.net members.

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